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Digital Ambassador Program
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Ghenadies 2021 December 14 19:39

If you are an influencer, have thousands of followers on social media platforms, you are probably scratching your head on what is the best way to monetize your influencing power and how to earn money from your YouTube channel, Instagram profile, TikTok followers or Facebook audience. Information that follows is simple and straightforward, but it is something Google and other social media platforms does not want you know and fully understand.

See… There is no such think like an online business. All online businesses are actually Offline -to- Online -to- Offline businesses. We input data about Offline world (Real World) into our computers which is uploaded via internet to the social media platforms (Cloud). In the cloud data travels with the speed of light and is easily interchanged between computers around the globe. Then this data gets downloaded and consumed on the other side, influencing decisions and causing people to take certain actions based on downloaded information. Social media platforms do a very good job at offering you all the tools for doing Part 1: Offline-to-Online data upload and data modeling. Like Start a blog, Find a niche, Build a follower base, Invite friends, Start a movement, Fight for a cause, Share with your friends, Keep posting, etc... Second part, consumption and utilization of data is restricted and hidden from you.

This part, Online -to- Offline is what actually generates sales, that’s where the money flow is. That’s exactly what most platform will call Digital Advertising and offer it to businesses. They will sell your followers, your data, traffic you generated to global or local businesses. They will keep the big chunk and pay you pennies if pay you at all for your work. Global businesses are not using social media platforms, they found a good alternative in affiliate marketing. Big global brands are growing their affiliate marketing networks and you probably heard or tried to work as an affiliate marketer.

But what about small local businesses? More than 70% of all search engine queries are local queries or are location related. Mobile device usage is dramatically increasing this number. Google with Google Maps and Google My Business products are switching rapidly from the internet web page search/ranking business model to local business search/ranking business model. Local business digital advertising is growing rapidly.

Local restaurants, shops, spa salons, stores, professional and personal services, roofing, remodeling, automotive and other local businesses.. they are all competing for local customer. They are more than happy to pay for digital leads. 90% of small business owners already use digital advertising channels to grow their businesses. 

This industry is huge. Worldwide businesses spend roughly 350 Billion dollars a year on digital advertising. This number keeps growing. It is estimated to be doubled in the next couple of years.

Now you probably thought about making a Youtube video or an Instagram story about your local car dealer or about a local fancy restaurant. You certainly can do that well or you can even dedicate an entire digital channel to a local business. But you have few concerns. Will they pay you? How much will they pay? 

If you try and talk to them, chances are they will not appreciate your effort at true cost. The biggest concern is tracking conversions. How to know exactly that customer X came through your digital channel? They will ask for numbers and proof. Numbers need to be from a trustful source. You need to show them exactly how many leads you are bringing to the table and exactly for how much of their business growth you are responsible.

You probably tried leading people to a URL containing your referral ID. You know people may skip the refID link and go directly to the brand. Or simply remember the brand and go there directly later. You are loosing big on this. has a solution for you. Try MyArea Digital Ambassador Program. First step is to become a Digital Ambassador of a local business. If the business is already added to MyArea, find the business and click on "Become a Digital Ambassador" link. If the business is not added yet to MyArea, go to your Digital Ambassador Dashboard and add a new business. 

When you are adding a new business, you will need to give the business a name which will work as unique identifier on MyArea. This unique identifier will be in the link after the slash. For example a local restaurant named "Ambience" can be assigned a url like: if not already taken. If taken, give it another meaningful name.

When you become a Digital Ambassador of a business, you create a lifetime relationship. This relationship will not be broken under no circumstances. Another business with same name can not be added in same location or in proximity. That's how you stake your claim in this business longterm. That's what gives you confidence you can now go and invest your time and effort in promoting this business. Legal agreements will force businesses to obey the terms, respect the relationship and adhere to expenses according to predefined industry median cost of user acquisition.

As a MyArea Digital Ambassador you have rights to claim and are legally protected to safely work on promoting a business. Of course you need to convince them to agree to these terms. They may not agree initially, but they will agree eventually later when they see statistics and traffic analytical data. Once they join the program, they owe you for all the work you've done.

When business owner claims the business on MyArea, they will be asked to provide payment methods (credit card info). Once we have their payment info, you will be able to issue invoices and charge them on a regular basis, according to statistical data of the current month.

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